About Us

Nimrod Design is the total creative solution for professional interiors

We encompass the conceptual planning, aesthetic and technical solutions applied, to achieve the desired result and delight in the process. We strive to create workspaces that consider the end-user and the daily office experience which creates employee engagement and an increase in productivity.

We have a cumulative wealth of 46 years experience with a small committed team who revel in the repeat business delivered over the last 20 years.

Selected clients:

•Altech Bytes (16 Years)

•Engineering Fund Industries (16 Years)

•Housing Development Agency (H.D.A) (5 Years)

•Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) (11 Years)

•The Bidvest Wanderers Stadium

•Virgin Active Head Office

•Dischem Head Office in Midrand

A Catalyst For Change:

To accommodate the pace of change, companies need to start integrating different types of workspaces in order to support people properly. As markets mature, office space needs to adapt and mature also.

Inspiring And Motivating Employees:

The challenge is to keep key employees not only comfortable and productive, but also inspired and highly motivated, by creating vibrant space design to encourage creativity and spontaneous interactions, while instilling a strong sense of company pride. This approach contributes towards employee well-being and enhanced productivity within the workplace .

Create An Agile Workspace:

Space needs to be designed in order to allow for multipurpose use. A benching environment supports both individual and collaborative work. Various heights and different furniture caters for a more agile workspace which is used more often and various ways.

Innovative Ways To Optimise Brain Performance:

Thoughtfully designed workspace can help workers better manage their attention and think better at work. Deep focus requires avoiding unwelcome external distractions. i.e. creating “Quiet Zones” with prohibited phone use.