Nimrod Design

Nimrod Design strives to offer a superior service that exceeds our clients expectations with respect to design, aesthetics, budget and project implementation whilst having fun doing so. Our full turnkey service offers good value interiors and space planning based on the needs and wants of our clients.
Efficient space utilization is our prime concern, as well as providing a fresh approach to inspiration and innovation. This is supported by responsible budget and logistic management, backed by the full enthusiasm of a highly motivated team.

Who We Are

Nimrod Design has been providing Project Management and Design expertise for over two decades. We have excellent references from a number of recognizable organizations whom we have provided our services to, with optimal value for money provided. Futhermore, our team possesses over fifty years of in depth industry experience as well as a passion for Interior Design.

We handle all business premises relocation and/or restructuring, as well as any small requirements a client may have. These may include installing a plug, supplying a chair, upgrading a specific area or designing and manufactoring something for a unique application. Our involvement in our projects is personal, extensive and intensive, as each project becomes our child, deserving our full devotion and commitment.

Our Team

• Celia Marussi: Managing Member; 26 years Corporate Interior Design industry, Design and Space planning

• Nicole Maguire: Managing Member; Advertising executive, Marketing Manager Diploma, 20 years Corporate Interior Design Industry, Business Development, Sales Procurement and Project Manager

• Colleta Mukucha: Office Administrator, 9 years Accounting in Decor industry, 13 years Accounting in Corporate Interior Design Industry, Procurement and Administration